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Flashfilestock: Basically Odin uses for Samsung Mobile Only,  On this page, you will learn how to use the Odin tool to flash or Upgraded any Samsung Mobile.


Instruction is as follows:

 ⊗ Caution »    If you’re going to flash or upgrade any phone (Mobile) with Odin tool. Make sure that you have taken a backup of your phone, Because after flashing or up-gradation,  All the personal Data will be Erased (wipe). If you want your data safe then take a backup of your phone before using the Odin tool.

How to Backup: Click here

 ⊗ Caution » 2   We highly recommend you to download the correct Firmware flash file that is very important. Suppose If you have purchased the phone from INDIA then you must have to download the Indian version Firmware flash file. If by mistake you flash with the wrong firmware file (ROM) phone will not boot up anymore.


How to Flash or Install firmware file (ROM) on Samsung Mobile Using Odin tool.

First of all: Download and install Winrar software to extract the firmware.

1. Now,  Download
and install the latest version of USB Driver on your computer ( If you have already installed this driver then skip this step and move forward)

2. Now you have to Download
the firmware stock file (ROM) of your selected phone and extract it on your computer or laptop.  (If you have already downloaded the firmware stock file into your compute or laptop (PC) then skip this step and move forward)


3. Now press the power button and Switch off (Power off) your Samsung phone


4. Now you need to boot Samsung mobile into download mode.

  • If your phone has a physical home button.
Then press and hold [Volume down+Home+Power Button ]  for a couple of seconds till it vibrates. (display turn on)
Release the power button after vibration and hold down the volume and home buttons
  • If your phone has bixbi button:- Then press and hold [Volume down + Bixbi + Power Button]
  • If your phone has only volume and power button: Then Press the [Volume up + Volume down button & Insert USB cable]
5. Once you reached into download mode it will show a Warning message, then press the volume up button and be continue.
6. Now you have to Download
Odin tool on your computer then extracts it on your computer or laptop. After extracting you will able to show the following files on your computer. (If you have already downloaded Odin tool then skip this step and move forward)


7. Now Right Click on Odin setup and Run As Administrator again click on yes, You will be able to show the interface as follows


  Picture-7 A  
  Picture-7 B  


8. Now Connect phone (mobile) to your computer or laptop using USB Cable. (We recommend you, use a good quality USB Cable it gives you better result sometimes flashing gets interrupted due to bad quality USB cable)


9. Once your phone gets Successfully connected to Computer Or Laptop, You will be able to see (ID:Com) Added !! Message in Odin tool. (If you have an issue with the connection then restart your computer or laptop, Just after driver installation computer has to restart to update services)



10. Now click on AP Button and Insert the firmware stock file choosing your location that contains with (md5 or .tar) extension on your computer or laptop. ( Be care while choosing,  do not choose a wrong file)



11. Now It’s the last step: click on the start button to begin your phone (mobile) flashing or installing process.



12. All the flashing or up-gradation process could take up to 4-10 minutes for completing. When the flashing process gets completed you will able to see a  Green boxed Pass  Message into Odin flashing tool.

Do not unplug your phone with USB until it restarts automatically. (Maybe it restart during flashing but makes sure that doesn’t  remove your phone until it automatically Restarts)


Yeah!!! Congratulations Your phone has been successfully flashed (installed). Now you can close the Odin tool and you remove your phone from USB Cable.


Sometimes Problems Occurring during phone flash: Solution ⇓

  Note:   If flashing completes successfully, but your phone has a problem while booting, don’t worry. Now you need to boot your phone (mobile) in Recovery Menu. Now you will have to Press [Volume UP+Home+Power] Button for 4-7 Seconds) till display turn on.

  • Choose >Wipe the case partition (and again)
  • Restart
[Key: Volume button to up and down press power button for OK]
  Picture- (Note) 
If it still not booting then you need to boot again into recovery mode following previous steps.

Choose >wipe data/factory reset 

Choose > Restart

Other Helpful Utilities                                                                     

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